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Our goal is to help you to solve your business problems. Our services reflect that focus.

From Strategy to Discovery, from Design to Delivery, airevo is ready to support your business objectives. You can trust our consultants to bring their expertise to solving your sales, RM and distribution challenges. Our airline business and technical specialists will work with your key stakeholders, ensuring fast, targeted outcomes built on years of domain experience.  

Business Meeting

Strategic Opportunity Workshops

Our strategic opportunity workshops identify key areas of Sales, RM and Distribution with potential to achieve more.

Successful navigation of the industry's challenges and those specific to your airline requires experience as well as creative thinking. Especially in areas such as Sales, RM and Distribution.


Your CCO will be focused on how you can grow, maximizing your share and optimizing costs. Finding time to explore improvement is often difficult with all your day-today activity.


Let us fast-track the process for you. We are airline professionals, and can help you to tease out where AI could help you to grow, optimize cost, improve no-shows, RASK and booking quality. 


We will look at priorities, and recommend where AI might help, so that you can have positive conversations with your CCO.

Get in touch to discuss our Strategic Opportunity Workshops  

Targeted Discovery Days

The aim of our Discovery Days is to quickly understand an area that has been proritized for improvement.

A small team comprising an airline business consultant and an AI expert will work with your team to focus on a targeted challenge.


We will identify the key inputs, processes and outputs. We will explore existing issues, inhibitors, gaps, enablers and desired outcomes. We will jointly define what success looks like. This will only take one day of your team's time.


Within one week, we will create and review with you a short report advising whether or not an AI-driven solution will really help to solve your business problem. If it will, we'll outline proposed next steps. If it's not, the effort involved will have been minimal. 

Get in touch to discuss our Targeted Discovery Days

Giving a Presentation
Analysing data

Conceptual Design and Proof of Value

Once we have identified a high-benefit AI opportunity, our technical team will prove the model and demonstrate value.

We recognise that AI is in its early-adopter phase. This is why we combine domain and technical expertise, to deliver real value.


This stage will use knowledge sourced in the Discovery Days to design models that consume your real-life data, with a rule-set and machine-learning that is focused on solving your business challenge. 


Our aim is to find model that delivers repeatable, improvement over time - demonstrating the added-value of AI. This will form the basis of a wider design including data integrations and user experience to ensure that your team can interact with the proposed solution.

This step will ensure your proposed investment in AI is proven 

Delivery and Benefits Realisation

This is where we build and implement your real-world AI solution, and ensure it is delivering effective improvement.

Having shown that AI is effective through the Proof of Value, this phase is all about delivering a robust version for your team to use.


The design that we have agreed, incorporating the AI model, will be implemented, tested and deployed. It will include integrations with underlying data sources and a user-controlled interface. 


We will then embark upon education, testing and refinement. The performance versus baseline will be measured, along with improvements accrued. For the first three months of operation we will monitor benefits, and ensure that the model is learning effectively and adapting to your live operation.

You will benefit from a live, dynamic, user-controlled AI solution

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