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Good to meet you

We are always looking for good people who have a similar philosophy to us. If you've got a passion for either airlines or artificial intelligence, and the experience to go with it, we'd like to hear from you. If you're at the start of your career too, we often have opportunities for placements or internships.



We are participants in the UK Government 'Kickstart' scheme in partnership with University of East Anglia and have a number of paid six-month internships for        young people (18-24) as follows:

Software Engineer (x4)

Project Administration (x1)


Business Colleagues

Permanent Roles

We will always consider approaches from experts in the field of airlines and artificial intelligence.  The company is growing and is shaping its teams with a current focus on commercial and technical areas.


If you are interested in buying-into an exciting new venture in a senior management position then we are particularly interested in hearing from you.    

Business Colleagues
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