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Our team is developing a range of innovative AI-driven solutions to solve repeatable airline challenges in Commercial departments. Our three 'AIRO' solutions will each deliver substantial, measurable benefits, tackling known problems.


If you'd like to learn more, or to work with us to shape our AIRO solutions as a pilot customer then please get in touch. 

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AIRO one
AI-Driven Revenue Optimization

Spoilage is typically 6-12% resulting in reduced revenue from empty seats.

It's a US$25M per Mpax issue.

AIRO one accurately predicts and acts on the main causes:  No-Shows and Late Cancellations.

Ask about trialling AIRO one

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Future Innovations
AIRO two and AIRO three

We are working on two more AI-driven innovations:

AIRO two will provide rich customer records and micro-segmentation for CRM and sales initiatives.

AIRO three will add AI to the route planning process, optimizing costs, demand and CO2 emissions.  

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